Long Awaited Introduction

Hi, dear…I’m Lina..or Lina Daniels, Miss Lina,Mistress Lina…whatever you decide is appropriate as long as it is my name. Some of you are already familiar with me and some of you are more curious than anything. Well, maybe I can clear up a few questions going through your head. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

What Is A Session Like With Miss Lina?

That is a great question, but it varies. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. Not everyone shares the same desire. Sure, anyone that comes across me is aware that I am a dominatrix, I provide sensual massages and a full blown experience of more…but outside of my sexy words intriguing you, that’s pretty much all you get; a vague and enticing bio. Some people desire a fantasy of something hastily and sneaking out on their lunch break with someone forbidden. Others prefer chatting about everything and nothing, just enjoying each other’s company before I take them to that sexy escape. Then, you have those that are a ball of fun and I’m right there with them having the time of my life and ending the night with sexy adult fun. Regardless of your preference, what is surely guaranteed, is a great and memorable time. My goal is to leave you feeling comfortable, more open than you’ve ever been and making sure the next few times you’re stroking yourself or enjoying someone else, you can’t help but think of me..and only when the image of my erotic actions arrive in your brain…only then will you be able to fully release your load until you can afford to come to me again. With the comments and messages I receive, I’d say I’m doing damn good. 

Why Can’t I Find Any Reviews For You?

I don’t pester anyone for them. Anyone is open to leave vague but complimentary reviews as much as they wish. However, I prefer to leave you guessing and what’s known is only known amongst those bold enough to visit.

How Do I Verify You?

I have this website you’re reading on that I pay great money for every month, I have social media that has fellow workers that I’ve interacted with on and I have many ads in different cities. Pick your preference and go from there. If you’d like a video call, those are provided at a small cost but my full face is only shown to those that visit me.

Can I See Your Face Before Visiting

No, you cannot. 

How Do I Prep For A Meeting?

Come to me freshened up well, respectful, kind and ready to release. A gift is not required but definitely leaves a lasting impression for your thoughtfulness and tips are also not required but very appreciated and acknowledged.

How Do I Stand Out To Impress You?

Sending a gift tip before meeting, sending gifts from my wishlist and tipping upon or after meeting. 

How Do I Inquire About Extended Arrangements?

The same way you inquire about every booking…start at the booking form. I do not encourage extended bookings without first meeting for at least 2 hours. Once that’s happened and we find that we are comfortable with each other, then you can email about discussing further exclusive and extended arrangements.

When Will You Be In My City? 

Subscribe to the newsletter and follow my socials. I always update when I tour. I keep the places I tour limited but I am open to travel anywhere and am always passport ready as well. Your job is to pay your deposit and be ready when I arrive. If you don’t ever see your city or want me at a time that I’m not traveling, FMTY is surely available for at least 4 hours. 

Do You Entertain Couples Sessions Or Multiple People?

I do, actually. The same expectations apply; great hygiene from all parties involved, deposits from everyone and open communication with everyone that is to be involved. I DO NOT participate in surprises. Sessions as such also require a minimum 2 hour booking and is an extra $2,000 for each extra person involved. This may be hefty in comparison to my usual rate, however,  while fun, it is not an easy task to please 2 or more people. The compensation encourages for everything to go as smooth as possible and professional entertainment should be properly compensated. Trust, it won’t be a waste. I proudly haven’t got one complaint.

Do You Provide Duo Sessions With Other Providers?

I do not. 

I hope this answered any questions you may have been curious about. If you’ve seen me, I look forward to seeing you again. If not, I look forward to meeting you soon. Xoxox, Lina